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The national leader in mortgage Quality Control, TENA has provided
business management solutions to the mortgage industry since 1982.

About TENA

A key component of risk management is identifying aberrations relative to lending requirements and established processes. TENA’s audit services and software provide the information required for early detection of such aberrations along with tools to mitigate them. TENA’s outsource audit divisions provide a variety of Quality Control audit services, including pre-funding, post-closing, servicing, EPD, forensic, compliance, loss mitigation, foreclosure and many more. TENA’s software division licenses SecondLook Audit Software for internal use by lenders and servicers.


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New England Mortgage Bankers Conference

09/13   -   09/15/2017 Join TENA at the New England Mortgage Bankers Conference in Newport, RI.
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MBA's Regulatory Compliance Conference

09/17   -   09/19/2017 Stop by and say hello to us in Washington, DC for the MBA Regulatory Compliance Conference.
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