Mortgage Quality Control Audit Services

The most comprehensive audits available.

For over three decades, TENA has been the nationwide leader in mortgage Quality Control, providing a range of dependable, reliable, and cost-effective mortgage outsourcing solutions.

Audit Services

Pre-Funding Audits

Credit, collateral, capacity & compliance are reviewed to identify issues prior to funding the loan with 48 hour and expedited review turnaround options.

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Post-Closing Audits

An A-Z audit solution covers the guidelines of all applicable agencies and types of mortgages.

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Servicing Audits

File based and procedural reviews are conducted to address all aspects of the loan servicing process.

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Forensic Audits

Fraud services target prevention, investigation, loss mitigation, and repurchase related issues.

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Specialized Audits

A variety of specialized audits including Compliance Only, MERS, EPD, Cancel/Reject and more are available to meet every need.

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Customizable Selection Methodology

Random, targeted, and discretionary selection algorithms support both fixed and statistical sampling methodologies.

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