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SecondLook Software Overview

Easy to use
Cost Effective

SecondLook Mortgage Audit Software

The system we use for TenA's internal audit staff - is the most efficient, flexible, and user-friendly audit solution available in the market today. Our software works efficiently and cost-effectively because it has to; TenA continually uses SecondLook to conduct thousands of outsourced audits meeting the varied requirements of hundreds of lenders and investors.

Cost Effective - A Size For Every Need

Our software is the logical choice; it's the only one that offers versions and pricing models to meet the needs of large, medium, and small lenders. While SecondLook Professional is designed to support the most demanding volume and capacity demands, SecondLook SE offers a cost-effective way for small-to-mid sized lenders to access the same powerful audit tools used by large lenders. Both versions reduce audit and clerical labor expenses by as much as 40%. Plus SecondLook SE costs substantially less per month than hiring a part-time clerk. With SecondLook SE your up-front costs are limited to training and the first month's license fee. The Scope of the Software is limited only by a client's business needs and the imagination of the SecondLook users.

Preloaded With Questions

Both versions of the software are delivered pre-loaded with federal and agency mortgage requirements, thousands of audit questions (linked to AllRegs®), and hundreds of audit exhibits and reports. All these features are continually maintained and updated by TenA. Plus the application is designed to easily adapt to the changing business needs experienced by lenders of all sizes. License SecondLook Professional and modify the software directly, or license SecondLook SE and TenA will complete the modifications for you.

Fully Configured and Ready To Go

Run either version of SecondLook right out of the box, and modify it to reflect your own business requirements, or reconfigure it completely to accommodate a unique operating format. SecondLook is an easy-to-use rules-based system that permits quick modification of all components including sampling protocol, checklists, and reports. SecondLook Professional allows you to directly customize the Mortgage Audit Software while SecondLook SE Version is customized with TenA's assistance.


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