Quality Control Audit Software
Quality Control Mortgage Audit Software
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Mortgage Quality Control Audit Software

SecondLook Mortgage QC Audit Software

  • Thousands of prewritten questions
  • Questions that link directly to AllRegs guidelines
  • Legal-Compliance Division that keeps your checklist current
  • Monthly question and link updates
  • Smart checklists that only ask pertinent questions for your audit
  • Fully customizable
  • Statistical, Targeted and Discretionary Sampling Algorithms
  • SecondLook versions to accommodate large and small companies

  • Hundreds of distributed reports:
    • Composition of Audit
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Individual Loan Summary
    • Departmental Level Productivity
    • Error Responsibility

  • SecondLook Audit Software available for:
    • Mortgage Production Quality Control
    • Servicing Quality Assurance
    • Commercial Loan Reviews

  • Prebuilt checklists include:
    • Routine QC Post Closing
    • Compliance
    • Early Payment Default
    • Foreclosure
    • Reverse Annuity Mortgage

  • Additional Options:
    • State Specific Questions
    • APR Calculator
    • MERS Review
    • Prefunding Checklist

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