SECONDLOOK handles the entire QC process in one, easy-to-use system.

Since its introduction in 1993, SECONDLOOK Audit Software has continually evolved to address the ever expanding demands placed on the QC process. It is powerful, customizable, scalable, cost effective and fully loaded with thousands of prewritten questions to cover federal, state and agency mortgage lending requirements. More QC professionals choose SECONDLOOK than all other audit applications combined.


TENA is now offering SECONDLOOK for consumer loans! Our pre-written questions cover a variety of loan types
including Secured, Unsecured, Credit Card, Modification, HELOC and Private Student Loans. Contact us for more information.


SecondLook Features

Customizable Selection Algorithms

Random, targeted, and discretionary selection algorithms support both fixed and statistical sampling methodologies.

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Scalable Application

A variety of license options and a host of system variables provide scalable solutions and software that meets each client’s unique needs.

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“Smart” Checklist Technology

Dynamically spawning checklists that only include questions which are pertinent and relative to the loan being audited.

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Report Templates

Analysis of Audit Findings, Trend Analyses, Summary, Follow-up and hundreds of other standard and customizable reports.

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Fully Customizable Test Scripts

The power is derived from a rules-based platform permitting test scripts to be easily customized to reflect your firm’s unique audit needs.

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Continuous Updates

A pool of over 15,000 continually updated audit questions is used to populate dynamically spawned, up-to-date audit checklists to meet the ever changing requirements of Agencies and Investors as well as Regulatory Authorities.

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