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Quality Control Mortgage Audit Software
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Post-Closing Mortgage Loan Audits

TenA provides a post-closing quality control review process that meets the guidelines of all agencies and investors. We combine random, targeted, and discretionary sampling methodologies with both fixed and statistical protocols to select your files for audit. We're happy to customize the sampling to meet your needs, we can accommodate any unique information or requirements that you, your investors, or the agencies may want to see.

Using SecondLook Audit Software internally in our Contract Audit Division, we can routinely handle the audit of virtually all mortgage loan files, including but not limited to: conforming and non-conforming loans, FHA, VA, Sub-prime, Reverse Annuity, Subordinate liens, and HELOCS. Audit types include PreFunding, Routine QC, Early Payment Defaults, Foreclosure, Due Diligence, Servicing and Fraud Investigation among others. Plus the unique requirements of any investor or client can be included in our audits.

Post Closing Loan Review


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